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Racket Sports Footwear Southend Essex

Racket Sports Footwear Southend Essex

Original Sports have been supplying sport enthusiasts across the county for many years and from this, we have become an award winning company for selling competitively priced racket sports footwear in Southend, Essex. We are offering an amazing range of products for all kinds of racket sports such as tennis, racketball, badminton and more.

Why should you buy footwear from the racket sports experts at Original Sports in Southend, Essex?

Racket Sports Footwear Southend EssexWhen taking part in sporting activities, it is hugely important that you wear the correct footwear as this will allow you to have the best range of movement and greatest support on the court. We offer a wide range of racket sport footwear that has been designed to suit everyone’s needs.

No matter how often you play racket sports, it is well worth investing in the correct footwear that is best for your sport. The main reason for this is to prevent injury; the way you move whilst playing racket sports mean you are putting all of your weight into your ankles during the fast, rapid movement.

The correct footwear will take away a lot of strain as it will provide support all around your ankle and foot. You should also think about what type of flooring you will be performing on, as you may want more comfortable shoes if it is a clay court rather than grass. Every pair of training shoes is very different and many have their own strengths and weaknesses, so our advice to you is that you should try on multiple pairs of trainers before settling on a pair to buy. You can also try measuring the length and width of your foot as not every brand has the same sizing; this will make sure that the trainers are the perfect size for your feet and they are not slowing you down.

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To see our fantastic range of racket sports footwear, check out our website or visit our store in Leigh-on-sea, where we are more than happy to assist you with finding the perfect footwear for your game. Please call us on 01702 718944 or email [email protected] and a member of our team will be happy to help.

Rugby Specialists

Rugby Specialists

We are one of the leading suppliers of sports equipment and our team of rugby specialists have over 30 years of experience in this industry. Original Sports are extremely passionate about all sports especially rugby, providing customers with a fantastic range of clothing and accessories for a range of different sports.
We are an award-winning company for selling high quality equipment at a competitive price. We have specifically chosen the best equipment available to sell to our clients. We are pleased to be offering customers all across the UK our services in-store and online. Ordering equipment from our website is simple, all you have to do is add your chosen product to your cart and proceed to payment. The range of rugby equipment that we have for sale is full of big brand names and so is our equipment for many other sports such as tennis, squash and badminton.
Rugby Specialists

Why purchase rugby equipment from Original Sports?

We sell a range of mouth guards, bags, boots and accessories and our rugby specialists will make sure your expectations are excelled; we are all very knowledgeable about rugby and would love to help anyone looking for assistance over the phone or in person at our store in Leigh. With our knowledge in providing the best equipment for clients, we will help you order the best, most suitable rugby equipment for your needs.

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Our friendly team of staff are more than happy to help you if you require any assistance with purchasing rugby equipment, call us on 01702 718944 or get in contact online.

Sports footwear specialists Essex

Sports footwear specialists EssexSports Footwear Specialists Essex

Original Sports are an equipment supplier full of sports footwear specialists that can help clients with buying the best footwear available. We have been supplying clients with equipment for all sorts of sports. We are also an award winning company for selling equipment at a cost-effective price and we aim to make sure that every client has the correct footwear; we have a huge range of trainers for all the different sports such as football, rugby, athletics, tennis and many more!

It is highly advisable that you wear the correct footwear for your specific sport as it can help with your movement. They will also provide you with the support that you need. Here at Original Sports our footwear specialists can help you with purchasing the best pair of sports shoes for you.

The importance of buying the correct footwear from sports specialists

Participating in sports can be very dangerous and investing in the correct footwear can greatly reduce the chance of injury. This is because you need ankle support when moving around. In sports such as racketball, running, rugby and tennis you are going to be performing rapid movement and if you are to damage your ankle you will end up in a lot of pain, so buying the correct footwear will minimize strain on your ankles.

The correct footwear should be purchased for the type of flooring that you will be performing on. This can affect performance as the harder the surface, the more shock absorption you are going to need. We sell a range of different trainers as every trainer is different. Many have strengths and weaknesses as they are built for certain types of people. Our advice to customers is that you should try on multiple pairs before deciding which ones you want to buy.

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Our team is always looking to help people who are participating in sports. Check out our website or visit our store in Leigh-on-sea to see the sports clothing, accessories and footwear we have on offer. To speak to a member of our team, call 01702 718944 or contact us online.